Handling Discouragement

by Sis. Kim McDougal

I can’t always say that I’ve handled challenges correctly throughout my life. In fact, I used to have temper tantrums. One time I even took my fax machine, picked it up and dropped it on the floor breaking it! It has taken me a long time to learn how to handle bad things that happen to me. But what I have learned is that God is always with me to help me during these times and I MUST remember that feeling discouraged is not a sin, it’s what happens afterwards that determines the outcome.

Have you received some disappointing news? Or, maybe you just woke up this morning feeling sad for no reason. Take heart. The Lord said,  “in this world we would have trouble but be of good cheer because He has conquered the world.” He never lied to me when I first became born again or led me on that everything in my life was going to be 100% good, that I’d never have a problem, or that everything would go my way.  He said I’d be dealing with problems as long as I live on this earth. But having Him beside me while I go through my trials is way better than my best day on my own.

Fact is, when we are discouraged that’s when we need God even more. This is a sensitive time in our Christian walk and we need to ensure we get closer to the Lord not further away. Your enemy, the devil, sure wants to keep you down and he’ll do all he can to accomplish that, but he is a defeated foe. The Lord is BIGGER than all your trials and tribulations put together! He will not stand idly by and let you be utterly destroyed, He knows exactly what He’s doing so if you’re dealing with difficult times, talk to the Lord. Tell Him all about your disappointments, let Him have all your concerns. Let Him take you from discouragement to victory!


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