Enduring, Hoping, and Waiting

by Kim McDougal

“For whatever was thus written in former days was written for our instruction, that by [our steadfast and patient] endurance and the encouragement [drawn] from the Scriptures we might hold fast to and cherish hope.” – Romans 15:4 AMP

Waiting on the Lord…hmmm, that’s a hard one for me at times. However, that’s part of learning to endure, hope, and trust in the Lord. The fact is, He knows much better than me anyway so why is waiting on Him so hard? Mainly, because I’m uncomfortable. Notice I used the words, “I was uncomfortable…” See, when we make life about us, we miss out on what God is trying to do. For example, when we first moved to Florence, we were living in a bad situation. All I could do is dream every second that God would deliver us out. But He didn’t until four months later. We had to go through so much injustice during that time, but when God moved and we were able to live in a better place it gave us so much more appreciation for those first four months. Had we not gone through that trial, I’m not sure I would cherish where I am now. Also, there were so many details that God had to work out to get us where we are now and those plans couldn’t have been orchestrated  any sooner than the four months. What makes this story even more incredible is that our bills in our new place are lower than where we were those four months! Isn’t God good? Too bad, we don’t realize this until AFTER the deliverance comes!

We must change this, don’t you think? God’s word is written to help us endure trials WITH HOPE that we know our Lord hears, sees all we go through, and has a perfect plan for each of us. We have to be willing to wait on Him with hope. He will NEVER let us down, He will NEVER break a promise to us. His plans are absolutely perfect for us. “Father God, help us to keep hope while we endure and wait on your perfect timing for all our situations. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.”


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