God’s Unfailing Love

by Kim McDougal

“Show me your unfailing love in wonderful ways.” -Psalms 17:7 (NLT)

And God does love us in so many wonderful ways, but let’s touch a bit deeper on this. God’s forgiveness, for example. When He forgives us of our sins, He totally puts them away and in fact, He chooses not to remember them again. He doesn’t bring back our past and throws in our face. I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “I forgive, but I’ll never forget!”, or “I remember you did this or that or said this or that to me many years ago….” Sisters and Brothers, this is NOT true forgiveness. And God does not do this to us. He totally puts our mistakes as far as the east is from the west! Then there’s His grace and mercy. He is compassionate and cares deeply for us to extend His grace and mercy to us no matter what state our life is in presently. He gives us unmerited favor, He helps us regardless of our social security number, or financial status, or the color of our skin. It doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, He loves you unconditionally.

Then there’s His provision. He has promised to meet every need you have. He even knows your needs before you ask. And He does NOT break His promises. Then, there’s His protection. If you and I knew all the ways in which the Lord has and is protecting us, we’d probably fall down on our faces thanking Him, right now! Then there’s His promises. He’s made promises to us throughout the Bible and He is not a man that He should lie. He cannot lie to us. He doesn’t go back on His word either or say one thing and do another. We can put our trust fully in Him because He never fails.

I know in this devotional, I’ve only touched the surface. God’s love for us is so deep and so wide, and He even leaves it up to us to choose Him. Can I go my own way today and do things the way I want to? Sure I can. But do I want to? Absolutely NOT. Everyday, we can apply His love to our life. It’s a daily choice. So today, when you’re praying, thank God for all the wonderful ways He loves you.


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