Jim’s Testimony

by Jim Kent

I am a living breathing miracle. Because I am here, not in pain, or even feeling bad at all. A short time back, Ed came up to me and told me that God had something in store for me and I didn’t know what he meant. 
I told him that whatever it was I didn’t think that it included speaking in front of people and that I didn’t even feel good being called to pray out loud. He said that I might be surprised what God had in store for me. Last Thursday or Friday, I found a message on my phone from Rob. He said that God had put me on his heart and was lead to pray for me.
 I wasn’t able to call him back that night and thought of it early the next morning but it was too early to call. But then I forgot to call him back.

So on Sunday, I told him that I had received a message from him. He said that he didn’t know what it was, but God had put me on his heart and told him to pray for me. I told both men that I needed all of the prayers that I could get and thanked them. I told my wife, Jo, about it but didn’t know what it was about and I wondered why God hadn’t impressed on me what it was about. But now I know that he knew that I didn’t need to know because he already had it under control. Tuesday morning, I was working in the flower garden by our fifth wheel and Jo called me in to have lunch. I told her that I needed about another half hour and I would be in. When I went in to eat lunch I felt very fatigued and my arms were starting to ache and I was very hot. So I went back outside to cool down, but felt worse and was afraid that something was going on so I went back into the house and sat back down and tried to eat my lunch. But I still didn’t feel like eating so I was just sitting there. Jo noticed that I wasn’t eating and asked me if I was alright
and I told her that I was very hot and didn’t feel like eating until I cooled down. She kept after me to find out if I was ok and I kept telling her that I was, but I started feeling worse. At that point, I had a feeling that it was my heart so Jo gave me an aspirin and I also took a nitro glycerin that I have. But I still felt bad. She kept bugging me to go in and get checked out so I finally agreed to, but was afraid it would be a false alarm and just cost us a lot of money.

When we reached the emergency room at the hospital, they came out and got me and took me right in. The doctor gave me an electrocardiogram and told us that it didn’t show anything bad, but there could still be something going on. After that, I don’t remember how things progressed but I know that I started to have extreme pain in my chest and my arms. I do remember things went into high gear in the emergency room. The doctors and nurses there started asking me about my pain level, and it was off the charts.

I always thought that when you arrive at the hospital that, that would be the height of the problem and from that point on things would start getting better, but that wasn’t the case. I had only been at the hospital about 10 minutes when the wheels fell off and I was in deep distress. I could hear the doctors and nurses scurrying to save my life. I was calling out to Jesus and asking him to forgive me of all of my sins and anything that I had forgotten to confess in the past.

At that point, I knew that I was ready to go to Heaven. There wasn’t any fear for me after that. Then things started to turn very fuzzy and I closed my eyes and just waited for God to take me home. Someone said at that point my blood pressure was only 40 over 20
but all of a sudden the doctor grabbed me by my face and yelled at me. He said open your eyes, just stay with me, don’t close your eyes. When I opened my eyes, off to my right was my wife Jo and my Pastor George. It broke my heart to see their faces in such anguish. I started to cry, because I didn’t want them to be sad for me. I asked to have Pastor come and pray for me and he came over and called on the Lord to take control and guide the doctors so that I would be spared. God answered his prayer.

At that point, I felt the pain start to subside in my body. But that isn’t where God’s healing started with me. It started when God impressed on Ed to pray for me and when God laid me on Rob’s heart to pray for me even though they didn’t have any idea what they were called on to pray about. He sent his angels before me and they prepared the way for my recovery. I have always prayed that God would go “before” me and prepare a way for me that I would follow. And to keep me and my loved ones in his hand and to completely cover me with his other hand and he did. Within minutes, I was being prayed for by literally hundreds of people from all over the country. I was instantly put on prayer chains and Heaven was bombarded by prayer warriors. I am so very thankful to everyone for the prayers and I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for answering those prayers. I was life flighted to the hospital in Eugene and was taken right to surgery. I received three more stints in the same artery. Out of the hospital on Thursday and home by noon. God is so good!


9 thoughts on “Jim’s Testimony

  1. God is soo Good, all the time. So Glad you are still with us. The two of you are such a big part of our church family, and we are so blessed to have you. God has so much in store for you. I Love You both. And now our happy church, just got happier seeing Gods hand continuing to move in our church body!!!

  2. What a powerful testimony Jim and Jo! It just shows the power of prayer! So glad that you guys are with us, I know my life has so been blessed by you two! HUGS and lots of Love to you!

  3. Your testimony is fabulous, Jim. Thanks for sharing that about Ed and Rob. It is beautiful to see the Lord mighty and awesome in power!! I am expecting to see your warm, whole-face smile in church in the same ‘ole spot. 🙂

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