He Lives

by Kim McDougal

“The LORD lives! Praise to my Rock! May the God of my salvation be exalted!” – Psalms 18:46 (NLT)

When I’m in my darkest hour, I need a God that I can talk to and He will answer me. There are times when I feel lonely, afraid, frustrated, angry, nervous, sad, confused, sick, or anguished and those are the times I need my Lord Jesus the most. How can a statute help me during those times? How can a God who’s buried in the grave help me? What good is it for a sinking man crying out for help and he’s reaching for a boat that’s sinking too? Let’s face it, we need a LIVING, BREATHING GOD who is there for us! And thank God, we have one! The Lord Lives! He Lives! And He Lives Forevermore! I’m so glad He rose and went up to Heaven and now all the glory and power belongs to Him on earth, in Heaven, and under the earth! He is the all powerful, all magnificent, all knowing, everywhere present, able to help you all day long, 24/7 Living Jesus!

When He’s your Savior, you don’t need a ticket to ride on His train, you don’t have to go through His secretary to get on His calendar, you don’t have to leave a voice mail, text, or Facebook Him to get His attention. You can simply cry out to Him wherever you are! And He’s there. He’s been there all the time and He will never leave either! What a God we serve! When I think of all the times He has protected me, saved me from death, provided for my needs, been with me when I was alone and single, held me up when I had to face tough situations, comforted me as I lost my mother, 1st husband, step-grandfather, grandmother, back to back, kept me strong when we nearly lost our livelihood… I can’t help but shout to the hilltops that my Lord Jesus is alive!!!!!!!! And He’s in my heart! Think about all the stuff you’ve been through and thank God He rose! He rose so that you can call on Him morning, noon, and night! You can have Him as your best friend! Oh Hallelujah! Praise God my rock, my salvation, HE LIVES!


6 thoughts on “He Lives

  1. Hi Lady… wonderful post Sister! I tried to like and comment but couldn’t from phone. I could hear you roar your love for Jesus!! Amen Sister!

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