I Need God

by Kim McDougal

“God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.” – Matthew 5:3 (NLT)

Everyday is a new day, full of uncertainties. I have no idea what I might have to face. I can have my agenda ready with the list of things I need to get done and one interruption changes my whole plan, what then? I realize very quickly that I need God to help me adapt and adjust. When my plans get changed and suddenly I’m thrusted into a situation that I wasn’t prepared for, I need God. I realize that I have to pray throughout my day not just in the morning when I wake up. My need for God grows more and more everyday.

He is the only one that can calm my storms, strengthen me when I have to do things I’m nervous about, and comfort me when I grieve.

Some of my good friends are going through hard times and just talking to them to try to encourage them, I need God. For my words are just words, but what God would say through me will touch them in a way I cannot. I need God.

When I have deadlines from clients, I’m not feeling well, and my task list is growing, I need God. He can help me balance it all out. He can tell me what’s important and what can wait.

When things break down in the house, or the power goes out, I get frustrated. But God can help me be patient while things get fixed. I realize how much I need God.

I fail at times, but God never fails. I’m weak, but He is strong. I struggle through life’s problems, but there is Nothing too hard for God.

When I need courage and boldness, He gives it to me to do His will.

I grieve over people and things a lot. God comes in and wraps me in His love and comforts me. He helps me come out of despair.

When someone has hurt me and I need to forgive them, God is able to help me get over the hurt, truly let it go, forgive the person, and yet earnestly pray for their well being.

Sometimes, I don’t feel like praying or praising and worshipping, I’m tired mentally or physically. But God helps me to push past my feelings, my fatigue, and He helps me sing a song of praise, or to just talk to Him.

And in the midnight hour, He is there with me keeping me safe. And I can call out to Him if I need to.

When I used to be afraid of everything, He placed me in situations to help me overcome fear. He strengthened me along the way.

When I go off the beaten path and have no idea where I’m going, He is my compass and sets my paths straight.

When I need an attitude adjustment, He knows just how to chastise me to get my thinking right.

No concern can I ever bring to Him that He doesn’t know how to handle. In Him is the solution.

Everyday, I realize how frail I am as a person and it only makes me realize how much I need God.


2 thoughts on “I Need God

  1. 1 Peter 5:6, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.” God is always going to stand by us and lift us up in times of trouble. I like how you bolded the statement, “I need God”. It makes the statement more powerful. I need God in every moment of my life. Thank you for sharing this blog post.

    • I like that verse Karlie, thanks so much for sharing that 🙂 There’s nothing like a little trouble to humble us and make us realize that we really need God in our lives daily 🙂 God bless you!, Kim

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