Never Alone

by Kim McDougal

“The LORD will not abandon his people – for it has pleased the LORD to make you his very own people.” -I Samuel 12:22 (NLT)

My friends and family don’t know exactly how I feel or what I’m going through all the time, but someone does – JESUS. He knows how my heart aches, He knows when my body is sore, He knows when trials come my way how to help me through them. I am NEVER ALONE. There are places in life my hubby can’t go with me, my best friend can’t go with me, times when there is no one in the room but me and I alone have to deal with a difficult situation. I can even be in a room full of people feeling alone, abandoned, even forgotten about…but NEVER with God. I can absolutely pour my heart out to Him, lay out all my feelings and sufferings to Him and He understands. After all, He made me. He made all of us.

He knows how your mind works. He knows how sensitive you are to things in life, He knows how much you can take upon yourself. He sees your wet pillow at night from crying, He sees your anger that you have hidden from the world. He sees how betrayal has turned your heart sad and now untrusting of everyone who wants to be genuinely close to you. He sees the bad decisions you’ve made and what it has cost you. He knows when you’re about to give up and what’s more, He cares.

Remember that God never promised that we wouldn’t be disappointed, hurt, talked about, betrayed, sick, poor, jobless, etc., but what He did promise is much better. He said He overcame the world! He took on all our weaknesses, hopelessness, sicknesses, hurts, and with His power working in our lives we don’t have to feel like or be victims…sad, lonely, and abandoned. He is our best friend for life. While others may walk away, you may even lose some so-called friends, God WILL NEVER walk away from you. All you have to do is believe Him, reach out for Him, and walk with Him.

I thank God today and forever I am NEVER alone again.

Praise God that He knows how I really feel,
And He’s always there when I kneel, 
I am not alone, I am not forsaken,
He even thinks of me when I awaken.
-Kim McDougal


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