Oh Lord, Let My Mouth Be a Blessing

by Kim McDougal

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”
Ephesians 4:29 (NIV)

Millions of quotes made by so many famous people, scholars, historians don many websites and books after these people have since long been gone. Yet, their words live on today for you and I to read to be inspired and uplifted. Words have life – eternal life if you will, whether good or bad. You might forget how you got that bump on your head when you fell out of a swing at age 10, but you may never forget the words of your 4th grade teacher who inspired you in some way.

If we say that we want Christ to work in us and through us and we want to mirror His life, shouldn’t that include the words we speak? It’s so easy to overlook the power that God has given us with using our mouth. We can use it for good or for bad and I don’t think we realize just how much power this little part of our body actually has. We tend to blurt out things that come in our head that really should never be spoken. Sometimes, we’re just gabbing making absolutely no sense in what we’re saying. Or worse yet, we’re reacting to someone or some circumstance in frustration or anger and these are the times that we should take a deep, deep breath and take a step back to calm down BEFORE we speak. Remember, we have the power of the tongue at our disposal and if we don’t want to receive nasty words thrown at us, then let’s not do it at someone else either.

And just as it is easy to tear down with the mouth, it is even easier to build someone up. It costs us nothing to sincerely encourage another person or compliment them on something. I get blessed daily by the people in my life, but how often do I tell them this? I have to sadly admit, “not enough.” And suppose I don’t wake up tomorrow…having never or hadn’t in a long time, told the people I care about, that I love and appreciate them? When was the last time, I spoke a word of encouragement to someone who needed it? Unfortunately, I’m so caught up in my own world that at times, I am completely oblivious to others around me. And if you look around even for a few minutes, you can tell there are people you who really need an encouraging word. You might be the last person they see with the power of Christ to speak a word of life into them. Don’t let those opportunities pass you by. They may NEVER forget your words and what you speak to them might keep them from making a drastic decision that could alter the rest of their life. When God spoke to me about all this, this morning, I suddenly realized how important our life is to Him. We’re so careful what clothes we put on, what accessories we wear to match, what products to use on our bodies, how we take care of our hair, and even the shoes we wear, but how often do we groom our mouths? Do we take proper care of our words allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through? We must do this to be completely immersed in Christ as He is our example.

Today, look for opportunities to speak a word of life to someone. If you sincerely love the Lord, know that He sincerely loves people and He doesn’t want a person who is hurting pass you by and you had the power of the tongue to help them but you were too busy that you didn’t even see them.


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