An Invitation To Heaven

I am posting this as a promise fullfield to my dear sister in Christ, Debbie Croyle who has left us on earth to be with her beloved Jesus in Heaven. Dance for all of us sister…we will see soon.

An Invitation To Heaven

By Deborah Croyle

I would like to share my story with you. Have been married to my husband Fred for 40 years and when we married we took a trip on our honeymoon to our friend’s house, Judiann and Jerry. We had a good time but more then this; it was my start of a wonderful friendship with the Lord.

I had known Judiann for quite a while and we had been best friends. Judiann had a strong relationship with The Lord. Now, I didn’t know who The Lord was at the time and she would talk to me about The Lord. She would talk to The Lord like a friend but I didn’t know what that meant. As our relationship grew stronger, I knew that I wanted what she had, even if I didn’t know what it was.

August 20, 2000, I was at her house; we were going to go to church. II felt excited and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Before we went to church, we were in the worship room and she asks me if “I knew The Lord?” I said “Yes”. She asks me if “I believed that Jesus was God’s only begotten Son”? I said “Yes, I do believe He is God’s only Son.” “Do you believe that He is was crucified for our sins and that he was buried and rose after three days and went to heaven to be at God’s right hand?” I said “I do believe that”. Then I ask Jesus to be the Lord of my life and Savior. I ask Jesus to forgive me of all my sins.

What Judiann really did was invite me to be in heaven and that was awesome! I was very excited and had peace at the same time. Things were different now in my life. I just wanted to praise Him; I was so excited! I was baptized in the Holy Ghost; I was filled with the Holy Ghost and had had my heavenly language. I had to practice but it was wonderful. I didn’t understand how awesome that was until later. That same morning I went to church and didn’t know that there was something for me. Pastor came along and pointed to me and said “You are free” and I went in the Spirit. I was so blessed; there was so much warmth and love from the Holy Ghost and it was truly wonderful. That was my experience before of how I came to Christ. Judiann had loved me enough to give me the invitation from Jesus to heaven.

From that point on it was a learning experience. I got to know Jesus better every day; who He was and who the Father was. The Holy Spirit is so awesome that I changed daily and progressed and learned and it was beautiful. When I came home I told Fred but he didn’t know what I was talking about and I was still learning. As I was learning about Jesus, Fred didn’t understand and there were many times I had to figure out how to be an example and not irritate others with my new love for Jesus.

I am so Thankful for Judiann and my sister-in-law Carolann who shared with me how to be able to do what I needed to do and how to be with Jesus. They are invaluable to me.

I want to tell people that the only way to get to heaven is by asking Jesus to be our Lord and Savior; there is no other way. You either go to heaven or you go to hell. There are only two choices. I don’t want anyone here to be in denial about how to be in heaven.

I want to speak to my relatives, Peter, Jennifer, and Brandon about their Jewish heritage. I realize that there are other Jewish people that have accepted Jesus as their Savior and are Messianic but the ones who have not accepted Jesus as their Savior, they have the same choice. They either except Jesus as their Savior and go to heaven or don’t except Jesus and go to hell.

I was in Jerusalem not too long ago on a trip and what struck me as the saddest thing was that there were so many millions of Jewish people who do not accept Jesus as Savior. I wondered who they are praying to at the Wailing Wall. They don’t know that God of the Old Testament is Jesus. They are so devout and I admire their devotion and faith but that won’t save them. You can be sincere but you can be sincerely wrong.

I realize that many Jewish people believe there is hell on earth but they don’t believe there is an actual hell that they will go to. God did not make hell for people. He loves each and every one of us so much that He died while we were still sinners. Satan knows there is a heaven. He was a shining star in heaven; he rebelled and wanted to be God. God can’t have sin around Him so He kicked Satan out with one third of the angels. Lucifer is now here and he rules the earth as his kingdom. Satan believes in hell because he that’s where he is going. Now his only goal in this world is to get as many people away from God as possible by any means. He lies, steals and does anything and everything to get people to go to hell. Jewish people are thinking they have it made because of their heritage, but they don’t.

I also want to say to parents, “we need to think about the children that we are condemning to hell”. That is a responsibility that God does not take lightly; we have a standard to uphold to our children. I don’t want this to be sugar-coated because it is life and death. It is going to heaven and being with Jesus, in a most wonderful, loving place that has no pain, no difficulties; or the other alternative, hell where there is pain, pain, pain.

I have talks to many people at work in my nursing days and I extended the invitation to them from Jesus to go to heaven. Don’t let this opportunity go by because you may not have an opportunity when you leave this church or when you leave your house or when you cross the street. You never know the time or the day when it will be too late to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Accepting Jesus is the best and the most glorious thing I have ever done in my whole life and I have no fear of dying because I know that I will be in heaven with Jesus. There was a time when people accepted Jesus and there were times when they would ridicule. Because of Jesus this has been the best journey I have ever had. There is no other person in my whole life that I would rather have and there is no way I cannot be with Jesus. If my family gave me up because of Jesus that would be fine because He is my everything!

There are some who are Jewish, like Ron and Gayle, whose lives were changed because they accepted Jesus. They can help you learn about Jesus. Carolann and I (along with many others) have been praying many years for my loved ones and especially my brother Jim to accept Jesus and we are confident that God will answer our prayers and that they will be in heaven.

Accepting Jesus is the most important thing because we are sinners. I have not put down the verse in the bible but I’m confident that Pastor George and the elders of the church will give you ever verse that shows who Jesus is and what He did for us if you ask them.

On my trip to Israel I ask our tour guide, Godi, about Jesus. I said to him “I realize that you don’t believe the Messiah has come yet to the Jewish faith but we, your tour group are Christians and we believe that Jesus is our Messiah and Savior”. “What is it that you are looking for in a Messiah”? “Are you looking for a king or a soldier”? “What are you looking for and when is he going to show up”? He said “If the Messiah shows up or if he does not show up, that is okay also”. I just about cried because it’s so sad that so many people of the Jewish people will condemn themselves to hell. Everyone has a choice, not just Jews. God gives us that choice and He will never take that choice away from us. It is up to us to accept the possibility that you either reject Jesus and go to hell or accept Jesus and go to heaven.

Please except Jesus invitation to you now to come to heaven and see Jesus and see me there also. I will be waiting for you with a personal hello and a hug. I will be there with joy and laughter. The part in heaven will be so spectacular; it will be for days. We’ll be so blessed! So I give you this invitation and I hope to see you in heaven.
With love in Jesus,
Deborah Croyle


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