Am I the Problem or the Solution?

by Kim McDougal

Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts. -Psalm 139:23 (KJV)

We’ve heard it said before, “if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.” It truly means that if you see a problem but instead of looking for a solution, you egg the problem on then you’re not helping the situation. In our Christian walk, we should always take the time to examine our own heart and motives. God sees this and this is how He judges. He doesn’t care how good we look on the outside, He’s looking at our heart.

When we refuse to see that we may be causing distress rather than leaving our problems with God, we make life much more difficult. I had a real problem with complaining. I didn’t look at my blessings, all I could see was my trials and rather than tell God, ask Him to help me, I much rather complain and complain to other people which in turn caused them to retreat from me. For, who wants to be around someone who complains about how their life is so bad all the time? God had to deal with me on this, plus I brought on a lot of physical and emotional pain to myself and the more we won’t see ourselves and allow God to change us, the further we get from Him and from the solution.

Maybe someone has hurt, disappointed, or even lied about you. Possibly there’s a problem with a family member or friend. But, look at yourself today. You nor I are perfect. We sin, we make mistakes, we need God. If you’re pointing a finger at someone, don’t forget the three fingers pointing back at you. If you want a trial in your life to go away, you must first let God change your heart. The problem may still exist, but if you’re not reacting badly to it, it won’t have any power over you. And, when you’re not thinking about it, the problem usually vanishes.


One thought on “Am I the Problem or the Solution?

  1. Kim, this is often such a natural reaction to difficulities that come our way. The self has the need to compalin and order to justify our actions instead of thanking our Father for the blessing in the lesson. We are all humanly flawed and everything we go through is designed by our loving Father to make us stronger. The secret is to learn, forgive, forget and move on. Hugs

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