Read and enjoy Inspirational poetry from our ladies!

Almighty God

Almighty God you are to me
You are the greatest of all
You are the greatest of Heaven and earth
You, Lord are my healer
You, Lord are my Savior
You, Lord are the One who loves all
You, Lord are the One upon who we call
Lord, give me the strength and determination
to always do Your will
I lift up my hands towards Heaven
to thank and praise You Lord for everything
You have done for me, and are about to do for me
Lord, You have given me the faith to obey Your will
Lord, give me the will to help others in their time of need
Lord, give me the words to say, to some hungry soul to feed
Lord, I love You with all my heart
Lord, from you never let me depart
If I stay faithful to you Lord, I’ll meet you in Heaven one of these days
Lord, help me to never you and to always give you praise
-Beverley Decker

God Is Always Near

Oh, what a merciful God You are
Oh, what a wonderful God You are
Oh, by your wonderful grace we are saved
Oh! Holy Spirit I can feel you here with me
For now clearly I can see
Oh, how precious Your love is for me
Oh, precious Lord I want a closer walk with thee
Oh, Lord I can feel your wonderful touch
For when I raise my hands on high
Or when I ask the reason why
Your answer will come in the sweet by and by
Lord, when on you I call
Whatever my need is big or small
Lord, for my hungry soul you will always feed
-Beverley Decker

Thank God

Whoever you are “Thank God”
Wherever you are ” Thank God”
For God is there to change your life anew
For Gods promises are so true
God here’s our beckoned call
God’s there for when we fall
God will pick us up and carry us on
God’s power will make us strong
For God’s Word is so real
For in my heart God’s love I can feel
-Beverley Decker

The Promise Land

My chains are broken I’ve been set free, because my Savior died for me.
He gave up his life at Mount Calvary, and by his blood all men can be free.
At the very moment you acknowledge him, he will come in and free you from sin. And you will never be the same again.
As every weight is lifted you begin to see how far you’ve drifted away from his hand as you prepare your heart for The Promise Land.
The Promise Land was meant for all men to see, but first you must have a personal relationship with the one who died on that old rugged tree.
-Mystie Timmons


Life is but a vapor in the wind.
Your time here on earth is short and will soon come to an end.
So try to make the best of it. Don’t allow the enemy to drag you deeper and deeper into a pit.
When you find yourself slipping from his hand, when having done all else; STAND!
And he will carry you through this mess that your in, and will free you from all of your sin.
And you look back at life and realize; It is but a vapor in the wind.
-Mystie Timmons

Heavenly Reunion

My life is changing now. So much harder than the way it used to be.
But no matter what life throws at me, I will cling to that old rugged tree.
I once was a slave to sin. But by his blood, I am free within.
He shed his blood on Calvary. And one day, he’ll come back for me.
Though others may not understand, I will remain faithful to the end.
Even when my life seems to slipping away, all I have before me is a brighter day.
My heavenly home awaits, as I enter through those pearly gates.
So many lives impacted by my time here on earth. As my many prayers went out for my family to experience the “new birth.”
Sometimes it is necessary for God to take his children from this earth. For those that are left, to accept the importance of his worth.
And one day, they too will be called home. And then we will be re-united and seated together, upon his throne.
-Mystie Timmons

P.M.S. Pardon My Salvation

Life was once always dark and dreary,
You lose hope and become weary.
Everywhere you look, you just can’t seem to find a way out.
The weight of the world seems to be resting on your shoulders
dragging you deeper and deeper into a drought.

The burden you carry is to much to bear.
And you cry out in deep despair: Can anyone hear me? Is anyone there?
As I look up to my surprise every tear is wiped from my eyes.
He stands before me, just waiting to transform me.
All that he asks is that we believe in Him. And He will come in and free us from sin.
At the very moment we acknowledge Him. A new life within us, will begin.

All the things of the past, will be gone at last.
And when people look at you, they will no longer know who you are.
It is then, you realize that it is God’s grace, that brought you this far.
So pardon my Salvation, as I bask in this Revalation.
-Mystie Timmons

Our Lord is Coming Soon

I come to thee today
for something that I have to say
For The Lord he died upon that cross
So none of our sins should be lost

He loved us all that much
We can feel is heavenly touch
The Lord loves us one and all
Not a one does he want to fall

The Lord wants to take away all sin
He wants to make our hearts pure within
So, let’s take a look at our hearts today
And let Jesus take over, I pray

For He is our Lord and God of all
For on our Lord we can always call
So, be ready today I pray
For our Lord is coming to take us away
Yes, it could be this very day.
-Beverly Decker


The Lord has made the blind to see
The Lord has made the lame to walk
The Lord has made the dumb to talk
The Lord has risen from the dead
The Lord, a thousand souls he has fed
The Lord has taken away all sin
The Lord has given us peace within.
-Beverly Decker

For No Lost Soul

God shall blot away all sin
Just let Jesus come in
God shall give us that peace within
for He is our truest friend
God will be with us to the end
God shall wipe away all of our tears
And God shall take away all of our fears
Lord, help to never falter, I pray
Lord, help me, to thee, always obey
Lord give me the words to say to some lost soul
For this I want to be my goal
For you Lord, are the only one in control
-Beverly Decker

God’s Beckoning Call

Oh Lord, this world is filled with trials and temptations
And so much is in every nation
If only We’d open our eyes and see
For “Jesus” is saying “Trust in me”

 For we need to ask forgiveness
And give God all our trust
God’s arms are open wide
God sees us totally inside

God’s the one who fills our longing, deep within
God’s the only one to take away our sins
Oh, to think of the blood that ‘Jesus’ shed for you and me
For when they crucified him on that tree
just to take away our sins
To give us his salvation from deep within

Oh! This is enough to make us shout
This is what life and death is all about
Jesus is beckoning one and all
Jesus is saying “Listen to my call”

 For you are here on earth for such a short time
For If you live for me victory you will find
You will see me in Heaven one of these days
Just turn your heart on to me and give me your praise.
-Beverly Decker

A Sound In My Ear

I’m awakened this morning to a sound in my ear
Happy to know that your voice I can hear
Life is precious, too precious in fact to waste
To your throne in the early hours I must haste

Your voice so still, so soft and yet clear
Your touch so tender and ever so dear
In your arms I find refuge and peace
I find your unconditional love that’ll never cease

You take away my doubt, you squash my fear
You speak your words ever so dear
You are Lord of all creation
Your government spans from nation to nation

I’m awakened this morning to a sound in my ear
Comforting words, thank God I can hear
Let me love you endlessly, offer my praise
Worship you daily, my arms I raise.
-Kim McDougal

My Morning Light

I may feel the sorrow tonight
But tomorrow will be my morning light
The sun will shine and shine so bright
My prayers heard all through the night.

I go through my day and put up a fight
My God will come through with all His might
Together I can hold my head up, not feel any fright
Can’t wait to see the miracle with my full sight.

When I cry and when I pray, no matter the weight nor the height
My Lord and my redeemer will makes things right
I can have little or big faith in my shining knight
It doesn’t matter because to Him I’m Snow White.

This thing I carry is for me too big a plight
It’s not like an apple that I can take a bite
If I had to do it alone, I’d surely be afright
But, now I have Jesus and He holds me tight.
-Kim McDougal

The Pathway to Peace

The road is narrow and it is tough
The pathway is rocky and extremely rough
But it is the way that will cause all turmoil to cease
It is the pathway to peace.

The way is long and oftentimes hard
Powers and principalities keep you on guard
But is the road where kindness will increase
It is the pathway to peace.

The streets are full of bumps, pot holes, and cracks
They’re dirty, grimy, with deep tracks
But, God is waiting at the end to give your life a new lease
It is the pathway to peace.
-Kim McDougal

I’m Not Happy Everyday

I know the Lord is blessing me everytime I get up,
Miracles flowing that fills my cup,
Still… my face may not put on a smile,
But I know I’ll be ok after awhile.

Thank God, He doesn’t judge my face,
He just loves me anyway and offers His embrace,
He knows the day is full of turmoil,
But that doesn’t stop His word from being loyal.

In it, He tells me to strive for contentment,
Be sure what I do with my time is well spent,
I may struggle, I may slip, I may even fall,
But I get up, and with the Lord, I knock down that brick wall.

Doesn’t mean that I can’t be myself,
I don’t have to appear like a mantle on my shelf,
So, I may smile, I may even frown
Doesn’t mean that I’m always down.

He’s working a good thing in me,
And He knows that at times He must let me be,
And though I’m not happy everyday,
I know the Lord Jesus is just a prayer away.
-Kim McDougal


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  1. I love the poems. So much talent flowing out of the ladies of this ministry…What a blessing to see how God is using each and every one of us in a unique way.

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