Grumbling, Part II

by Sis. Kim McDougal

This is a part II devotional God inspired me to write this morning. The part I came from “Moment in the Word Devotional” which I love to visit everyday. His post got me thinking about how we use our mouths. We can choose to complain, we can choose to uplift and encourage, we can choose to lie and backbite, we can choose to laugh or cry with someone, but all those goes back to the scripture in Proverbs 18:21.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” – Proverbs 18:21

What does this scripture really mean? It’s simple. There’s power in the words that you and I speak. And, it goes both ways whether it’s an encouraging word or slanderous word. Is there a particular phrase that’s stuck with you all your life? Mine would be my spiritual Godmother telling me, “I believe in giving people flowers WHEN they can smell them!” Powerful because she was saying life is short and you may never get another opportunity to compliment or love on a person.

Just as she spoke enlightening words, I also remember words spoken to me as a child, “You’ll never amount to anything, you easily get brainwashed by other people, you can’t stand up for yourself!” See how these words to a child can adversely affect them? These stayed with me through my teen years and it would not be until I gave my life to Jesus that He would heal me of this and now I know those words aren’t true.

You and I have people all around us daily that we can affect. We can either affirm them or denounce them with our words. It’s important to choose to uplift. If you find it hard to talk to a person in a positive way, then ask God to help you speak and let Him give your mouth the right words. Remember, what you speak can be with that person for the rest of their lives. What do you want them to remember about your words of influence, life or death?


Grumbling, Part I

by Sis. Kim McDougal

“And don’t grumble as some of them did, and then were destroyed by the angel of death.” – I Corinthians 10:10 (NLT)

Life isn’t fair at times. We all have stories of being hurt or disappointed. Some of us have even grown up in terrible circumstances. But when God gets a hold of us, if we allow Him He can and will return us to a state of joy and contentment EVEN in the midst of turmoil. However, what undoes all God’s plans for us is when we use our mouths to grumble, complain, and even speak negatively about our life and spreading that to those around us. Grumbling is literally slapping the Hand of God when He’s trying to encourage us to return to joy. He didn’t promise that we wouldn’t have trouble in this life, but what He did promise is that He’ll always be with us. He is able to deal justice, able to heal from the inside out, able to encourage and lift up our spirits…and the key to this IF we let Him.

Words have life whether you’re speaking positive or negative. You affect those around you with your words especially if you’re raising children. They mimic what they see you do and say. If you’re holding in a lot of bitterness and you speak that, how do you think that might affect them or your friends and family? Grumbling left unchecked and not dealt with can leave you in state of destruction. And God doesn’t want that for you or I.

Today, are you holding some anger in, maybe for years? Or, maybe you’re struggling to forgive someone for hurting you, perhaps you’ve had some horrific life experiences and it’s left you hurting. Whatever state you find yourself in, let God in. Talk to Him and give Him your pain. And most importantly, heed the call of our scripture and do not grumble.