A Poem Untitled

by Kim McDougal


photo by digital_a

I’m screaming but no one hears
I’m behind many of your fears
Backed behind the walls, I’m hidden
Beyond the words that I’ve written

My face is invisible to most of society
My pain is not evident for all to see
I’m seeking attention in many ways
It’s like I need approval in life’s big maze

Maybe you can’t see, Maybe you can’t hear,
But, I’m over here, I’m over here!
I’ve been here all along
I’m singing a brand new song

Can you stop for a moment to listen?
Too all that you are missin’ ?
I’m a person just like you
With stories of all the things I’ve been through

Can you see me now?
Can you imagine me with you somehow?
Does it matter to you how I look?
Is there room for me in the pages of your life’s book?

I no longer want to keep screaming
I want my light to be seen gleaming
So much is inside me that I want to share
And I just need anyone to be there.

-God’s letter to mankind